Talk Therapy

The Geese Project is a non-profit charity. We are a dedicated professional team of caring therapist and support workers that have come together as a charity because of our concern for people’s lack of support when waiting for appointments for different services and the lack of aftercare.   

We took inspiration from facts of how Geese have a sense of loyalty, support and care for each other.  Even more amazing is the fact that their support for one another is at its strongest when they are in flight. Geese honk encouragement to each other to keep their speed.  The Geese never leave one of its own behind. They take turns to lead spreading the load. When a Goose is sick or injured, two other Geese fly down with it until it feels better or dies. The Geese then fly off, re-join the group, and continue their journey.

Talking Therapy
Talking Therapy is used for people experiencing difficulties and emotional issues and need support in exploring their thoughts and feelings.

Cogitive Behaviour Therapy
CBT focuses on examining the relationship between thoughts, behaviours and emotions and is proved o provide effective and permanent change.

The mind wonders through all kinds of thoughts. Mostly these thoughts are about the past or the future. Paying attention in the present moment can help us gain more control.


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