Early Years Provision

Working in Partnership with Beaches Children we worked together to deliver a Speech and Language group. The reason was starting this programme was to;
To improve communication and interaction between parents/carers and their children

To support parents in the development of children’s speech, language and understanding

To empower parents to understand and support their child’s development through game playing.

To encourage turn taking, recognition of numbers, colours and simple words

Parents/carers to have meaningful conversations with their child developing speech & Language whist spending time engaged in a game.

For children to interact through speech with adults.

To promote and encourage children’s ability to interact with others

To build esteem in both parents/carers and their children in order to develop good levels of speech and language.

To support parents in understanding the positive impact of good communication with their child.

To improve social networking for parents and children to reduce isolation and vulnerability

To encourage parents/carers to spend time playing games with their children.
The programme is still currently being delivered and results will be uploaded shortly.