Partnership Members
Our Partnership members meet on a regular basis and attend our monthly meetings (Every second Monday of the month). Through their hard work and determination they make sure that the local communities voices are heard.

If you would like to become a Partnership member then you must attend 3 consecutive Partnership meetings, live in Eastern Sheppey on a permanent basis, agree to the Code of Conduct and abide by the Memorandum of understanding. Once this has been completed the Partnership will consider your application to become a Partnership member and this will be voted on by the Partnership.
Our Partnership Members
  1. Warden Resident
    Lynd Taylor
    Warden Resident
  2. Daniel Perriam
    Eastchurch Resident
  3. Ivor Gough
    Eastchurch Resident
  4. Lee-Anne Moore
    Warden Resident
    Membership Officer
  5. Pauline Wenham
    Leysdown Resident
  6. Malcolm Pamplin
    Leysdown Resident
    Vice Chairman
  7. Sharon McNaboe
    Warden Resident
  8. Paul Murray
    Co-Opted Member
  9. Eastchurch Resident
    Tony Read
    Eastchurch Resident